Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby steps

Thank you for your patience as I try to get Bartering Blogger up and running again. I hit a bump in the site development right out of the gate so things have been moving so much more slowly than I thought it would. Despite all of that, tonight I've gone ahead and added the first category for Bartering Blogger - ad space. 

We all love that little sponsor section on our blog - we love filling it with new sponsors and introducing our readers to new friends that we've picked up around the web. Bartering Blogger is a place to connect you to others who are open to participating in a sponsor swap. So if you're interested in getting new sponsors for your swap this is the place to link up!  

Every link will be approved - so you can be confident that this list won't fill up with spam sites and the linky will expire in thirty days so that the list will be fresh!   Your link will appear here on this post and also on the Ad Space page, which you'll find listed under "Categories" on the sidebar.

Please make sure that there is some way to contact you listed on your blog.

Don't know how to code your sponsor area? Check back tomorrow for a mini-tutorial on how to code your sponsors block, here at the Bartering Blogger blog.