Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's SWAP!!

Okay, it's time for our very first SWAP!!

To keep things simple there are two categories open at the moment (let me know if you think this is more or less convenient for you) they are: Books & DVDs

Here's how it works:
create a blog post or page on your blog with your items up for swap.
take a photo of all your like items that you want to swap. (for example - one photo of all your books and one of the DVDs you're swapping) It would also be a good idea to take individual photos as well. For this category it doesn't need to be an amazing photo but it does need to be an original photo - not something you copied from Amazon.
list what you would like to swap for and try to be as detailed as possible - you might even think about linking to a wish list (i.e. in Amazon or somewhere else) and be sure to mention how you would like to be contacted.
make it clear who pays for shipping I recommend an "I'll pay for shipping mine to you if you'll pay for yours to come to me" policy.
link up with the url of your blog post/page. The description should be in the following format: List of Items (Name of person linking up @ blog name) At the moment you can only link up individual urls once. So if you want to list your items separately then they will need to be in separate blog posts. Once you've posted your things to swap contact some of the other posters to see if they'd be interested in a swap. Once you arrange your swap make sure to delete your link from here! Thanks :)

 Don't have anything to swap in these categories? Let me know what category you'd like me to post next in the comments!!
P.S. You MUST link back to Bartering Blogger for your link to be approved. All links are moderated.