Monday, October 24, 2011

Guest Blogger: Shaunna aka Captivus

Thanks so much to Shaunna for sharing this video tutorial on how to create a blog header using Photoshop (CS5) she's also included a FREE template that you can download and customize. 

Hello! My name is Shaunna from Captivus Living, Captivus Photography, and Captivus Designs. I am a historian, photographer, author, cinematographer, military wife, and mother to one little girl. I work with Photography and blog making A LOT, and are a couple of my favorite hobbies (considering I went to school for History). I want to share with you freebies and a tutorial on headers! Please feel free to come stop by my blog to get more tips, freebies, tutorials, and templates!

For this tutorial, I thought it would be smart to do a video tutorial because it is very detailed. I provide free templates! There are two different designs that I have. I was inspired by Allie!

My tutorial will be on the biggest one. You can download the free templates here: One row template and/or Two row template. BUT I still want to show you how you can make your own in case you want to design your own photolog header to personalize it.

Tutorial: Creating a Photolog Header for Blog from Captivus on Vimeo.

Now, to upload it to your blog. I only know how to work with it with Blogger {Sorry!}.

On the main Blogger page, click on DESIGN.

Go to your HEADER > EDIT.

Keep these settings...
Browse for your header JPEG.
click "instead of title and description"

If it still doesn't seem right, your template might be to blame, which I don't know WHAT template design you have. You'll just have to mess around with it OR send me a message and I will try to help you out as best as possible.