Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guest Post: Michaela from Life With the Crazies

Hi there!  I'm Michaela and I blog over at Life With the Crazies.  I'm so glad that handmade is "in" now, because it is my most favorite way to give gifts.  Just like half of all of America, I love love love finding ideas on Pinterest.  Am I the only one who would love to re-plan her wedding now?!?! 

I've been busy planning for homemade Christmas gifts, because if you want to go handmade, you can't procrastinate (not if you want to enjoy the month of December anyway ;).  So here are a few ideas to get you started!  

I can't wait to make a boy version of this shirt for my son.  I'm going to use lyrics to his favorite song.  To make:  use elmers glue to write or draw on a shirt, then use fabric dye... the glue protects the shirt from the dye but then washes away.

My kids would each love one of these.  I can already imagine them using them as a plane carryon full of fun stuff, or to the library to carry their books.  I love the cute color pencil teeth!

I want to make this for my newlywed brother and sister in law.  Have you ever been to someone's house only to go to the door and hope you're at the right house because you couldn't find the house number out front?  Me too.  This would totally solve that in a beautiful way!


I'm about to be an Aunt for the FIRST time, and I'm so excited!  I would love to make this for the baby's nursery.  So sweet!

Grandma and Grandpa need these... and I have some cute little hands who would love to make these adorable Snowman Handprint ornaments!

Who am I kidding?  I want to make these for me.  If I make a whole ton of them, I can justify keeping a few for myself.  

Happy Crafting!  
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Thanks so much Michaela for guest-posting here at the Bartering Blogger - these are some wonderful ideas! If you'd like to guest-post here please let me know!! :)