Monday, October 17, 2011

I have a blog, now what?!

I could have also given this blog post the tittle how to really get your blog off the ground, since this post is somewhat of a follow up to a post I wrote when my little sister started blogging. This blog post is about taking the next step in blogging, and giving you a few of my thoughts about growing your blog and really enjoying your blogging experience.

I have had a blog of some sort for the last ten years. It started as a GeoCities page that I constantly updated, then it turned into my first true blog which was so lame not even my mom read it. When I started really having fun with my blog, writing more regularly and about things I was passionate about I started getting comments! So I put my blog address in the footer of my emails and all of a sudden I had random acquaintances, who had never commented on my blog before, tell me that they we reading my blog and enjoyed it a lot.

That was awesome.

I really loved having a blog. Later, as the economy did it's thing and as I watched my hopes and dreams for a future career go down the toilet, I turned my attention to becoming a blogger. And while I would by no means call myself a pro-blogger, I would openly say that I'm a wanna-be and that as such I've worked hard and learned a lot about what it means go from "having a blog" to "being a blogger".

My blog has grown a lot and I've reached a lot of my goals, however one of the goals I haven't reached is monetizing my blog, so if you're hoping that this post will be a "how I make a six figure income just by blogging" um, well I'm sorry but this isn't it. If you find it, tweet me the link. What I am going to do is point out the path from having a blog that no one except maybe your mom reads, into a place that gets hundreds of hits a day and can maybe - at some point - start to bring in a little revenue.

As you make the journey from "I have a blog" to "I am a blogger" you need to make some key decisions about who you're going to be, how you're going to spend your time and what your goal is with having a blog. So let's get started.