Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's swap time!!!

Today is the weekly Bartering Blogger link-up party. Today I've got TWO link-ups to post here. One is for ad space, the other is just a regular swap.

If you would like to trade ad space on your blog link up your blog below.
Please link up your sponsorship info page or link up your blog's main url. I have turned off link moderation this time since I have a really busy schedule this weekend and won't be able to check each link in a timely fashion - however I will be moderating this list and delete any junk/spam/ghost blogs on Monday. I will also be deleting any links to blogs that don't already have a sponsor area set up on their blog. If you linked up on last month's ad-swap link-up you will need to link up again.

If you have put up your swap page or post on your blog please link it up here: