Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Details on the Pre-Holiday Swap

I'm really glad for all of your comments on the last post! Sorry for a lack of clarity - I definitely struggle in the "sharing the details" department. Obviously. Moving on.

So after a lot of thought and some frantic twitter-messaging with the wonderful (but very tired) Michelle  here are all the details on the Pre-Holiday Swap - if I've left something out please leave a comment and I'll reply ASAP.

What can be swapped? ANYTHING that is in like new/lightly worn condition. Such as but not limited to: books, DVDs, CDs, video games, clothing, accessories, shower curtains ;) frames, trinkets, knick-knacks, unused Christmas cards, holiday ornaments & decorations,  handmade items or prints from your etsy shop. You can also swap digital goods such as blog ad space, design work, the secret family recipe for your grandma's famous fudge sauce (I'm just sayin') or whatever else you happen to have that you don't really need/want anymore.  Items that may not be swapped: anything illegal to distribute or mail. i.e. pornography, pirated materials, nail polish, fireworks etc.

How do you post your swap? Option 1: Just snap a photo with your smart phone of the thing you want to swap and tweet it mentioning @BarteringBloggr and I'll both re-tweet it and add your tweet to the swap linky. Option 2: Write a post on your blog with a photo of the item(s) you'd like to swap and link it up here with the linky I'll be posting December1. The link-up code that is on this blog will automatically re-post your link on the other hosts blogs (so you won't need to link-up on multiple sites)

How do you complete a swap? You send a message to your fellow-swapper letting her know that you're interested in one of her items up for swap, make her an offer she can't refuse and then send each other your addresses! Carefully package your little piece of happiness up and ship it off to your sweet bloggy friend!

Of course it usually goes something more like this: ME: I have these DVDs this book and this top to swap HER: I love that top! What do you want to swap for it? ME: Well, I like books and movies, especially movies that were based on a book and books that were recently released as movies. Or at least, I liked eat.pray.love and I have the Help and 2/3 of the Twilight saga stacked up in my "to read" pile. what have you got? HER: Oh, I am so glad you mentioned that you only have 2/3 of the Twilight saga because I have book 3. Would you like to swap? ME: Would I like to swap? Do bees love sweet nectar? Yes! Of course! Then we swap addresses and I jump up and down like a little girl when I see a package in the mail addressed to me!

See now wasn't that easy?!  I can hardly wait!

If you write a blog post for this swap please include the button/grab badge from this post so that you can easily recognize each other's posts for this swap. I'd recommend you list a few things you have to swap and also several things you'd be interested in swapping for. Be as specific as possible!

The linky will be open from Thursday December 1 to Tuesday December 6

Everyone who participates in the swap will receive a $10 gift card to Easy Canvas Prints and one random participant will receive a gift card to Bath & Body Works

The Fine Print: I must mention that this site is simply here for bloggers to connect and swap digital and physical goods. I can not make any guarantees and by using this site you agree that you will not hold liable the hosts of this swap. The Bartering Blogger will not mediate any disagreements that may arise from participating in this swap.