Friday, November 18, 2011

A little bit of news!

bartering blogger

It's the most wonderful time of the year 


This time of year has it's moments. Wonderful, magical moments... and pull-my-hair-out stressful moments!

For me anyway, money stress is a big one of them. I'm not very talented in the handmade department so this time of year is really challenging for me. But I had an idea (then later found out that there are other blogs doing a similar thing, so I guess it's a good idea) what if we swapped what we do well for what we don't do well?

I can design a photo mug for you with pictures of your kids and you can send me one of those things that you've made so beautifully that my older sister (or one of her kids) is just going to love! But it doesn't stop there... read on!

Here's the deets: On Thursday December 1, I'll open up a linky on Bartering Blogger. You can link up your blog posts with your offer to swap - what should that be, you ask? Well, it could be holiday stuff you don't use anymore - Christmas decorations, ornaments and whatnot. (I know I've got a set of holiday glasses that I never use that I'll be posting to swap) It could also be something to give as a gift, something you made for your online shop or something you have that you have and don't use anymore - like that wooden dress-up doll you just had to get for your daughter last year that she never plays with - yeah, you know the one. You could also link up those fancy Christmas dresses and suits that are gathering dust at the back of your closet just waiting to be taken to the consignments store. You could link them up here! I've got a killer outfit that someone gave to me for my baby but is the wrong size. I'll be linking that bad boy up here. I can't wait. Wouldn't you love to dress your child in an outfit you got only for the price of shipping? I know I would.
If you would like to co-host this link-up please let me know.

What can you do? 

  • Grab a button and post it on your blog! The more people participating the more fun this link-up will be!

Grab your button: 

  • Raid your closet, your attic and those handy-dandy storage bins you keep meaning to sort through. Pick a few items you'd like to swap. Snap a few photos of your items and load them into a blog post.
  • Link up on the Thursday after Thanksgiving, December 1st and be sure to visit everyone else's posts for some fun pre-holiday swapping.

What else is coming up?
I just can't keep this to myself anymore! After Christmas I'll be hosting a post-Holiday swap. I'm pretty excited about it. This is where we can link up one of the three copies of the Lion King our kids received, the video game that our kids played once and will probably never touch again, the sweater that your great-aunt sent with kindly intentions but that you know you'll never wear, or the gift card to that store you never shop at. So mark your calendars!! I'll have the linky ready to auto-post on December 26th and it will stay open until January 12, 2012

After the post-holidays swap I'll be launching a huge blog-design giveaway! Here's how it will work: 
  1. You'll link up your blog and/or nominate a friend's blog starting on January 12th until the 19th  
  2. I'll open the blog list up for voting 
  3. You'll be able to vote for your favorite blog  as often as one time each day from January 19th to January 26th 
  4. I'll announce the winners on Friday January 27th!! 
I've been gathering a pretty large group of designers so there will be many winners for this giveaway! 

If you're a blog designer and are interested in offering a blog re-design or quick tune-up please let me know and I'll ad you to my list!