Monday, November 14, 2011

Meet the Neighbors

TThanks again to Michelle aka The Momma Bird for putting these together - she is SO awesome!! :)

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Meet Misty @ Poetry Without Words

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...I suffered a 2nd trimester miscarriage (we found out she was a girl) and then 2 more miscarriages after that and although it has been years since the losses, it has really been just the past few years that I have felt ok. We have had continued infertility which makes it that made life that much harder. I got lost in depression for quite a long time, truthfully it has only been the past few months I have felt like me again.
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We had a beautiful wedding. Beautiful flowers, great food, a beautiful cake, highly recommended photographer, and choreographed first dance.
But to be honest, I would do it again I could but totally differently. I would put more heart, more of my heart into my wedding. I gave my heart to Ryan, sure, but looking back I didn't have my whole heart in that wedding.

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Meet Ashley @ Go Greeno

All of a sudden it hit me. It is going to be hard raising a woman of God in this society of ours! My sweet daughter will be bombarded with image after image of an unattainable, airbrushed, worldly "beauty". How am I going to help her desire to be "clothed with strength and dignity (prov 31:25)" instead of expensive designer labels? How will I teach her to truly believe that she is "fearfully and wonderfully made (psalm 139:14)"?

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Meet Michelle @ The Momma Bird

Before my 1st was born I made sure I read ALL the books. BabyWise, What To Expect During the First Year, Baby Whisperer…and the list goes on. I had been around kids my entire life but I didn’t have a clue about schedules, growth spurts, eating habits, nursing problems, baby blues.  I was excited and nervous about having this baby.
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