Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SWAP time!!

Recently I completed my first swap!! I am so excited to share it with y'all today.
what I sent
what I got!
What are you going to swap this week?

Here's how it works: 
create a blog post or page on your blog with your items up for swap.

take a photo of all your items that you want to swap. It would also be a good idea to take individual photos as well. It doesn't need to be an amazing photo but it does need to be an original photo - not something you copied from Amazon.

list what you would like to swap for and try to be as detailed as possible - you might even think about linking to a wish list (i.e. in Amazon or somewhere else) and be sure to mention how you would like to be contacted. make it clear who pays for shipping I recommend an "I'll pay for shipping mine to you if you'll pay for yours to come to me" policy.

link up with the url of your blog post/page.

The description should be in the following format: Items (Name of person linking up @ blog name) At the moment you can only link up individual urls once. So if you want to list your items separately then they will need to be in separate blog posts.

Once you've posted your things to swap contact some of the other posters to see if they'd be interested in a swap. After you arrange your swap make sure to delete your link from here! Thanks :)

If you want to link up as a place to host giveaways then in the description of your link put (host) after your name. Example: Faith @ Simplicity (host)

If you want to link up to offer your product/service as a giveaway then  put (offer) in the description of your link after your name. Example: Faith @ Simplicity (offer)

If you want to link up a current giveaway that you are hosting on your blog then put the giveaway's expiration date after your name. Example: Faith @ Simplicity (until 10/1)

Ad space: It's not too late to link up to swap ad space! Please link up your sponsorship info page or link up your blog's main url. I have turned off link moderation this time however I will be moderating this list and delete any junk/spam/ghost blogs on Monday. I will also be deleting any links to blogs that don't already have a sponsor area set up on their blog. If you linked up on last month's ad-swap link-up you will need to link up again. Sponsor block tutorials are available for Wordpress and Blogger

Don't forget the wanted category! Leave a comment with something you are wanting/looking for.

P.S. Would you be interested in guest blogging here? I'm especially looking for feature/favorites posts for Friday and guest posters for blog tip Monday. Send me an email and let me know!