Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Follower Feature: Lily Garay

I'm Lily Garay. Singer/Speaker/Writer/Lover♥of♥Life.

I also create ad buttons, logos, html codes, and edit photos.
I don't sell my services. I barter them:)
You can check it out: makemybuttonplease.blogspot.com

You can also check out the blog that I just write on for fun.
Showing you pictures of my life, funny/quirky little things, and truth.

Today, not only am I here to offer you my services, but to inspire you!
On Sunday my dad was giving advice {Love you daddy} 
and he said this: 

"To be successful at something, concentrate on it and put all your focus on it."

He also says:
"Always finish what you start."

Wise wise wise daddy:) 
He shared it with my church and now I am sharing it with you because it is just
that awesome! 
Have a BeaUtiFuL day:)
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