Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pre-Holiday Swap Re-Cap & BB card winner!

A big huge thank you to everyone who co-hosted, participated, tweeted and re-tweeted as part of the Pre-Holiday Swap! To read about upcoming events click here. Thank you to Melissa, Jodi Mandey & Jessica especially for co-hosting the swap.

The winner of the Bath and Body Works card is:

Branson of My Reflection of Something re-designed the blog header for Mom Tried It & Libby's Life and she's working on a design for Finding My Way In Texas

Mom Tried ItMy Reflection of SomethingLibby's Life

I am especially impressed with how this adventure in swapping is going digital! Y'all are expanding this site in ways that I hadn't even thought of! You're swapping guest-posts, giveaways, sponsors, appearances in what-to-wear posts and that's just what I've thought of off of the top of my head! YOU are the Bartering Blogger. I'm just the mama behind the scenes providing the forum for you to create and re-create what we are going to be.

There will be another swap TOMORROW - it will be a "want swap" so be sure to drop by the blog and link up your blog/twitter with what you want! That should be fun. So if you want help with your blog design - post it! If you want more sponsor swappers for December/January - post it! Need someone to edit your totally craptastic attempt at a Holiday Family Photo? Say so! If you need a coat for your kiddo, or want a pretty dress for your holiday gathering why not let us know? Maybe somebody has something you want and didn't think to post it in last week's link-up!

Anyone who would like to help out with The Bartering Blogger is more than welcome! Please let me know how you'd like to help. The #1 thing you can do is participate. The more people who participate the more fun it is. The #2 thing you can do is follow The Bartering Blogger on Twitter and re-tweet when there is a swap. That's a super-great way to get the word out about the swapping events. #3 I'm in constant need of guest bloggers. My suggestions for topics: introducing me, seasonal inspiration, blogging tips. I would also love to have someone help me curate the Giveaways section of The Bartering Blogger. That really and truly needs some beefing up. If you have an idea or suggestion let me hear it!

Thanks to everyone who will be ad-swapping and guest-posting with the Bartering Blogger!! If I haven't emailed you yet - I will!!